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Velcro hook and loop tape. The hook side is sometimes referred to as the male side or rough side. The loop side is sometimes referred to as the female, soft or fluffy side.

Our Velcro is the genuine Velcro make and is cut from 25 metre rolls. You do not have to order both sides as they are sold separately. It is available in Black and White in Sew On or Stick On. Both types are available in 3 widths, 20 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm. Sold by the metre.

When applied the adhesive Velcro needs to be left for 24 hours for the adhesive to dry properly before attaching anything to it. The adhesive Velcro is not suitable for attaching to most fabrics.

Velcro is very versatile and strong and has a multitude of uses from Roman Blinds, Pelmets, Black Outs, Fly Screens, Bag Fastenings, Clothing, Coats, Animal Coats, Awnings, Stop Rugs Moving on carpets, Photographic Displays, Securing a Multitude of Items, etc, etc. Sold by the metre.

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