Customer Interview with Pam Baker


21/7/2020 - Interview with Pam Baker 

We recently interviewed one of Fred's Haberdashery's customers to find out more about them and their experience with Fred's in the past and more recently during the lock-down.

Fred's:-So Pam, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in sewing/crafting etc please?
Pam:-My name is Pam Baker, I'm a pensioner and a widow. I've done every kind of sewing since leaving school. I started just altering trousers and bought clothes, making the odd skirt now and then. After getting married I decided to make my own clothes, so I went to evening classes. I've made suits, coats, trousers, blouses etc. I have also made my own curtains.
Fred's:- How long have you lived in Chesterfield and when did you first visit Fred's?
Pam:-I've lived in Chesterfield all my life and used Fred's all the time for my sewing supplies. 
Fred's:-What is you like about Fred's?
Pam:-The girls in the shop have been very helpful in my latest journey through my sewing and crafting hobby. They are all very friendly and interested in what I'm doing. They have all given me advice that I would not have even thought of  myself. Their knowledge is very helpful to me. I can't think of any item that they do not  stock. If they haven't got what you want they will order it in for you. Its like Aladdins cave and I  love to call in and browse at everything.
Fred's:-Tell us about your recent experience during lockdown - what are you working on at the moment?
Pam:-During lockdown I've  done mostly crafty items. Doing all  different  things has been challenging,but  it has kept me sane. I like making hand bags, tote bags, make-up brush / tools/ pens  handy rolls, aprons, oven gloves, pin cushions, pot holder's, peg bags, cushion covers,  plus many other items I have ideas for, all on going.
Fred's:-How was Fred's Haberdashery able to help?
Pam:- During lockdown I  found I was running out of  some  of my supplies.  I was very pleased when Fred's  could open again. I rang the shop and was told I could shop online.
Fred's:-So, have you bought online? How was the experience? 
Pam:- Not being very good in this world of technology, I   e-mailed a list of supplies I  needed to Emily. When the order was ready she got back to me. I went to pick it up at the shop. It was my first time out since lockdown. Was I excited? Yes! They supplied everything  I  ordered ,so now I  could continue with my projects.
Since then I've  tried the online shopping, and must admit, although it was a bit daunting at the time, with instruction from both Emily  and her husband, I  know what to do. I have now placed orders online and once the order is complete  they deliver it to me.. I will continue to shop online in the future...just call into the shop when I feel like a browse around, looking for more inspiration. 
Fred's:-We're really pleased you've had such a positive experience, and thanks for the feedback. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Pam:-I would like to thank  everyone at Fred's Haberdashery for helping me get through this most difficult time in our lives.
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