Gütermann Top Stitch 30m

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High quality Gutermann Top Stitch thread. A very strong thread ideal for sewing on buttons espcially shank buttons. Shank buttons tend to eat through ordinary thread but this is much thicker and more resiliant. It is often called button hole thread and is ideal for making button holes. Top stitch tends to be used on thicker fabrics requiring a stronger thread such as denim and leather and is used alot for decorative stitching.

Top stitch can be used for hand or machine sewing. If used for machine sewing using an ordinary machine you will probably have problems due to the thickness of the thread if you also use top stitch in the shuttle. Use an ordinary thread in the shuttle and you shouldn’t have problems.

Top stitch comes on 30 metre reels it is made from 100% polyester. It is colour fast, does not fade or shrink from washing.

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