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Try something new for your new year’s resolution

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Whenever January rolls around, the same old traditions can come into play for a lot of people – resolutions! Resolutions are made in an effort to try and kick-start new habits, hobbies or to try and help one another to make progress in our careers and interests for the year ahead. While many people will be keen to try and lose weight in the New Year, or may even learn a new language or how to drive a car, why not think a little bit outside of the box and focus on a new hobby or craft to brighten up 2018? While some may take up something as extreme as bungee jumping or rally car driving, there are plenty of us out there keen to get stuck into a nice bit of crochet!

We’ll help you get started

Here at Fred’s Haberdashery, we are always on the lookout to help new knitters and purlers – whether you’ve got a keen interest in creating your own gifts and garments or if you simply need a new sweater or two to help conquer the cold snap, we’ve got a huge range of supplies and tools to help you get started. Anyone new to crochet, knitting or needlework in general may wonder exactly where to start – the good news is you’ll never have to go it alone, as we’re a great source of advice and inspiration as well as a one-stop shop for all things crafty and stylish!

Find the perfect supplies for your projects

We’re based in downtown Chesterfield and are a regular port of call for anyone looking for haberdashery supplies or advice on how to get that perfect look for those tricky crocheting or knitting projects. Whether you are in need of ribbons, spools, needles or buttons, you can even order items from us to come straight to you – or you can ‘Click ‘n’ Collect’ with us, meaning you can pay online and come and pick up your order in store. Having recently celebrated our 45th birthday, we are the central hub for crocheting supplies and advice in Chesterfield bar none!

Take up a new hobby this Christmas

Taking up a new hobby, skill or craft in the new year can be a great way to beat those post-Christmas blues – chances are you know more than a few people who may enjoy a hand-made project or two that you can pass on as a gift, or you may even be able to kit out your whole family in woollens if you get really stuck into creating your own garments! The world is your oyster – and, at the very least, you should come and see us in Chesterfield to get the lowdown on how to get started.

Get in touch with uscrochet supplies

If you’re interested in taking up a creative new hobby in the new year, call us on 01246 204504 to learn more about how we can help you get into crochet and more – or do email us or pop in store to have a chat with us in person. Don’t let the New Year blues have you beat – treat yourself to something a little different to occupy your time for 2018!



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