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How to make a Felt Cactus with Freds Haberdashery

Are you looking for something different to do? Well here at Fred’s Haberdashery we have been making our unique Cacti. Making a cactus is the perfect opportunity to play with different techniques and materials to allow you to achieve better results. Follow our step-by-step guide below using the images to learn how to make your very own Cacti and see some that we have already made. You can purchase all the material to make your very ow at the bottom of this post.

Felt Cactus Step 1

Step 1

1 – Gather your materials together, you will need a card template of a cactus (try experimenting with different shapes and sizes when drawing your template), green felt, matching/contrasting thread, sewing needles, toy stuffing, scissors and pins.

Felt Cactus Step 2

Step 2

2- Pin the template to the felt (this will make it easier to cut out the shape) and leave a border of about 3mm when cutting so that when you come to sew it together, it will roughly be the same size as the template.

Felt Cactus Step 3

Step 3

3 – Using either the same colour thread or a contrasting colour, sew together the two pieces using your choice of stitch for example – blanket stitch, running stitch, back stitch, whip stitch etc.

Felt Cactus Step 4

Step 4

4 – Stop after the first section or the first ‘arm’ of the cactus and start stuffing, making sure you stuff firmly but not too much.

Felt Cactus Step 5

Step 5

5 – Continue to stuff the cactus as you stitch around making it easier rather than stuffing it all at the end.

Felt Cactus Step 6

Step 6

6 – Add crochet or felt flowers if desired and sew them to each ‘arm’ of the cactus. You could also sew some decorative stitching onto one piece of the felt before sewing both pieces together, or you could even use pom pom trim around the edge using a running stitch. Try experimenting with different materials and thread to achieve the desired effect.

Why not improve your design?

Felt Cactus
Felt Cactus with Pink crochet flower
Felt Cactus with Dark Green Thread

If you are wanting to make your own then you can see the products used for the project here or visit us in-store. You can always use other materials so why not take a look at what else we have to offer.

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