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Requirements for your Sewing Patterns

If you have already bought sewing patterns or sewing fabric and are looking for accompanying accessories to complete your garment, you have come to the right place.

Here at Fred’s Haberdashery, we stock a huge range of sewing thread, buttons, zips, ribbons and everything in between. Our experienced team of sewing enthusiasts love sharing their knowledge with beginners who need a bit of extra help and dressmakers that need a little advice, which is why we created this guide to sewing extras…


We understand that buying interfacing can be confusing for a beginner, as there are so many options out there and it is difficult to find the one which is best for you.

Interfacing is a layer of sewing fabric added to the other side of your material to add thickness and structure to a section of material (such as a collar on a shirt). The interfacing which we can provide comes in the full range of weights: light, medium, heavy and very heavy. All the weights are available in sew on or iron on (very heavy only comes as iron on). Depending on which material you are using, you will require different weights – as a general rule, lighter sewing fabric requires lighter interfacing and heavier materials need heavier interfacing. See below a guide of each weight and what materials it is suitable for:

Light – Chiffon, Silk, Lightweight Cotton

Medium – Cotton, Satin, Linen

Heavy – Tweed, Denim

Very heavy – Used for bag making and upholstery


ElasticStandard Loom Elastic

Elastic is an essential part of the creation of your sewing patterns, but it important to know exactly which elastic you require for your project. Our elastic comes in a range of different widths, with the finest being shirring elastic (used to add extra definition or tighten a certain area of garment such as cuffs or a hem).

For bracelets, hats and drawstrings for jackets, Millinery elastic is often the best choice due to it’s round property which makes it ideal for such projects. Our Millinery elastic is available in four different widths, depending on which weight you require, and comes in the choice of black or white.

Our range of flat elastic starts at 1/8th of an inch and goes up to 4 inches, great for dolls clothes, waistbands, underwear and bedsheets.


Zips are an ideal choice of fastening for many garments, including bags, cushions, coats, dresses and jeans. We provide zips in various lengths and colours, so you can find the right one for your sewing fabric and pattern.

There are two main types of zips: open zips and closed zips. Open end zips are used for coats and jackets (or any item where the zip needs to be fully opened). Closed end zips are used for sewing patterns where the zip isn’t fully opened, including cushion covers, bags, dresses and skirts.



Collection of Thread

When it comes to thread, there are many different options which can prove confusing for beginners. See below just a few of the threads we stock here at Fred’s Haberdashery.

Polyester thread is a widely used option across many different materials and projects, and can be used in sewing machines or when sewing by hand.

Extra Strong and Top Stitch Gutermann thread are extremely strong and durable options, making them ideal when working with heavy materials and upholstery. They can also add something extra to your project when used for decorative purposes. NOTE: When using top stitch thread on a machine, only use it on the top and use a polyester thread in the bobbin.

Machine Embroidery thread, as the name suggests, can be used on a sewing machine to create a range of different items. Having said that, it is also a popular choice of thread for creating decorative stitching and embroidery work by hand.



We have previously mentioned zips, but there are many other alternative fastenings out there – it is down to personal preference and the nature of the garment you are making. Some alternative options we can supply include hooks and eyes, press studs and buttons.

Looking for extras for your sewing patterns?

Here at Fred’s Haberdashery, we supply a huge range of products which make ideal extras for your sewing fabric and patterns. To find out more about our products and how they could add the finish touch to your project, speak to one of our friendly team today on 01246 204504 or alternatively email us at enquiries@freds-haberdashery.co.uk


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