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Sewing Needles

Sewing needles are something everyone should have ready for repairs – it’s better to mend than end, after all – and at Fred’s Haberdashery we want to help you find exactly the sewing tools you need for the work you want to complete. Out of necessity, the desire to create something of beauty or even a simple pastime, we have what you need to get started.

Sewing Machine Needles

What many people may not know is that sewing machine needles come in a variety of types, and that all needles will not fit in all machines. Our needles will fit into most machines, but it is important to check before purchasing.

Regular Point needles are universal and should fit into most standard machines. Used for regular sewing, they come in a variety of sizes so it’s important to choose well for the material you’re using.

Ball Point needles have a tip that is rounded and works well with knit fabrics such as fleece – the ball point helps to prevent laddering by separating fibres instead of piercing them.

Leather Point needles have a chisel-shaped head designed to be used with real leather and suede, though is not suitable for imitations. Jeans needles, you may guess, are made to be used with denim but also work well with dense-weave fabric like canvas.

We have many sewing machine needles available to buy, and can answer any questions you may have about what the best choice is on 01246 204504.

Hand Sewing Needles

Sometimes a hand sewing needle is what you need, either for work too fiddly for a machine, maybe to embroider a picture for someone special, or perhaps even the sheer pleasure of sewing.

The Sharps is a general purpose stitching needle, often used to sew fine materials. They are usually medium length and are the most commonly used hand sewing needle.

Chenille needles are large sewing needles similar in shape to tapestry needles but have sharp points. The large eyes will hold ribbon or a thick yarn – but be sure to be careful not to crush ribbon when passing it through the eye!

Curved needles, also known as upholstery needles, are ideal to buy for making repairs in areas where straight needles wouldn’t work as easily, like a sofa cushion, and give almost invisible stitches.

Beading needles are as the name suggests, used in bead embroidery. The very small eye is ideal for stringing beads and can be used with sequins too.

Quilting needles, sometimes called Betweens needles, are made to go through several layers of fabric, are suitable to purchase for making small stitches, and are short with round eyes. The shape and size of them make them suitable for creating small, even stitching which is perfect for quilting.

Get Expert Advice From Our Team

Do you need anymore information or help picking the right sewing needle for the job? Contact us today on 01246 204504 or have a look at our online shop for the variety of needles we have available to buy.