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Unique and Interesting Sewing Buttons

As a respected family business, run for over 40 years, we are fired with enthusiasm for unusual, exotic, and vintage sewing buttons, sourced from around the globe. Our customers come from far and wide to find the exact button to add the final touches to their creation.

Our Astoundingly Vast Range

Whether you’re looking to fix up an old shirt, spruce up a summery dress, or replace a missing coat button, our buttons are the perfect choice. With a range of over one thousand button supplies for crafts, we’re certain you’ll find the exact design you will need to finish off your next project.


Magnificent Shapes and Styles

We offer a whole variety of shapes and styles, from a beautifully designed antique assortment to a colourful collection of novelty buttons. Whether you’re looking for something eye catching to feature in a playful piece, or a stylish clothing button to fit and revamp an old favourite, you’ll be sure to find it at Fred’s Haberdashery. Our range includes styles such as:

We also offer a stunning range of exclusive crystal and mother of pearl button supplies that are an excellent fit with smart, classy clothes, such as a stylish blouse. In addition to this, we stock limited edition Italian and French sewing buttons that only be found in our Chesterfield branch or online store.


Vivid and Bright Colours

When finishing off your personalised design, a perfectly fitting colour can be what really completes your craft. A metal, gold tone, military style sewing button can really tie together and become the centrepiece of a smart jacket; A fun and luminous design will fit brilliantly with your bright and light-hearted creations, and a colourful fabric button is a perfect fit for a soft toy. At Fred’s Haberdashery, you’ll never need another button shop again. We supply an equally matched range, so you won’t be stuck trying to find the perfect hue, as we stock in bulk buttons of vibrant and stylish colours.

Incredibly Creative Uses

Most people believe buttons only have a use in sewing, however there are many more ways you can use a button to create unique and practical solutions to everyday nuisances. For example, a simple piece of elastic and a craft button can prevent your towels from falling on the floor, by creating a loop that you can use to attach it to a bathroom rail. Maybe you could add some flair to your gift wrapping by tying your string off with a vibrant button, or encourage creativity with some cheerful children’s buttons. You’ll soon be finding a use for buttons in everything you do.

We have what you need

Our vast array of assorted sewing buttons complement any style of clothing, tailoring or craft project. You also need not worry if you’re struggling to find the perfect button for use in knitting, sewing, upholstery or soft furnishings, as our range of buttons cater for any craft project in mind.

If you’re fascinated by the limitless designs we offer and the ability to personalise your creations, check out our buttons online, and shop for your perfect button today.

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