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Looking for an Interesting New Hobby? Sewing or Crochet Could Be For You!

If you’re the sort of person who likes to get crafty every now and again, there are lots of different ways you can express yourself. Whether you’re an artist, a writer or a sculptor, there are millions of different creative routes you could take. Some of us simply like to get creative as a hobby, rather than as a career. There is no harm in doing this! Here at Fred’s Haberdashery, we are here to support anyone looking for a new hobby in textile or fabric works, such as crochet or sewing. Both are fantastic hobbies to do at home, and we have the base of products you need to help you get started.

Why Take Up Sewing or Crochet?

Both sewing and crochet are gentle, simple hobbies which are very easy to get into. If you have some spare time every now and again, you may even find that you master the basics fairly quickly! Crochet and sewing can be both creative hobbies and practical skills to learn. You could crochet warm gifts for loved ones, or you could learn how to sew up fabrics to better fix and repair some of your own clothing!

However, it’s the creativity side of things which really gets people buzzing. It’s the thrill of being able to make and design something yourself, and to be proud of it once the final product has come to life! You don’t even have to be great at crocheting or sewing in the first instance to produce some stunning work. Take a look at what some people have been able to put together online for inspiration or why not pop along to our crochet classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to chat and learn! NOTE: Crochet classes resume in September.

Getting the Right Supplies

Progressing in crochet and needlework depends on making sure you have the best tools and the right materials to hand. Both crocheting and sewing are very different in their own little ways, though they both deal with creative fabric work! You’ll need to stock up on some brilliant everyday items if you’re going to want to make either of the arts into a long-term hobby for you.

Fred’s Haberdashery, based in the centre of Chesterfield, will be your one-stop-shop for everything haberdashery, crochet and needlework. We’re always ready to stock our shelves with easy tools and bright, beautiful trimmings and accessories to really help your creations shine. Take a look at what we have in store ahead of time, too – we list a wide range of stock available in our workshop via our online store, and also will happily answer an email or phone call on anything you cannot find, which means you can always plan your trip in advance. No more having to muddle around looking for the right bits and pieces!

Do also take the time to speak with our friendly staff. We have years of experience in haberdashery and arts and crafts, and we are always pleased to help people get started with their new hobby. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction of which sewing and crochet supplies you will need for your first project.

Wale Pin Cushions

Fun For All Ages

Under supervision, needlework, sewing and crochet can be great fun for kids, too. If you’re looking for hobbies to do at home which can involve the little ones, take a look at some of our child-friendly tools and huge range of felt and trimmings. We think kids of all ages across our region will love getting stuck into this type of creative expression! What’s more, it is an affordable new hobby to take on. Some kids’ hobbies and activities can really drain the bank – but ultimately, it is up to your little ones to choose what they’d like to do with their spare time!

Come and Join Us

We don’t just run a haberdashery store. We offer hobby groups and bring people together to share their tips, tricks and even to show off their creations. You only have to take a look at our social media to see what’s getting people talking! We love being a creative centre in Chesterfield, as we feel many local people have lots of stories and ideas they’d like to share but don’t necessarily know how!

That’s where we come in. We’ve made it easy for anyone to pick up a new hobby in sewing or crochet, and to reach out for the best sewing supplies and local support. You can either visit us in store, or you can take a look at our brimming collection of goodies in our online shop!

Want to know more about starting up with creative hobbies? Fred is here to help! Call us on 01246 204504 or contact us via web form.