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5 Reasons Why Our Crochet Classes are Ideal for Beginners


While crochet is a hobby that millions of people enjoy, it can take time to really master!  However, we all have to start somewhere.  While plenty of people enjoy finding their way through crochet’s basics on their own terms, there is also plenty of benefit in seeking help from a regular class or guide to help you realise your potential.  You could be making some truly wonderful crochet creations in no time at all – you just have to believe in yourself!

To help our local crocheters on their way, we run regular crochet classes where you can really get stuck into this wonderful craft.  As well as being Chesterfield’s premier store for crochet, knitting and sewing supplies, we feel it’s important to share creativity with the community.  Therefore, you are always free to pop into Fred’s Haberdashery on the high street to try your hand at some of the basics, or even something a little more advanced!

If you’re completely new to crochet, however, there are plenty of reasons why you should think about joining a class. Don’t be worried about starting out as a beginner!  All of the best crocheters, including those in Chesterfield, started out slowly.  Here are some great reasons why you should come and join us for a class or two soon.


Learn While You Crochet

We think this is a great reason to check out our crochet classes.  Our lessons aren’t just taught by mouth. You’ll get the chance to dive into crochet with an easy project or two, actively crocheting while you learn.  Many people learn best while actively doing things – as opposed to reading out of a book!  A class at Fred’s Haberdashery will help you get into crochet with a hands-on approach we feel all of our regulars benefit from.


They’re Better Than Reading a Book!

There are plenty of ‘how to’ guides out there when it comes to crochet.  While you may find it easy enough to follow a few instructions, it’s very true that some details can get lost in translation. It’s easier to make mistakes and to get frustrated when following a book or online guide.  By attending a crochet class, you’ll be able to see how to crochet your first basic creations right in front of you. What’s more, you’ll be able to compare and contrast with the people around you!


You Can Meet New People

We think our crochet classes offer you a brilliant chance to connect with like-minded people.  Our regular class visitors are friendly and welcoming and are always willing to help and support new joiners and beginners on their crochet journey.  You will never feel like you have been thrown in at the deep end!  Therefore, you can always feel confident to come along and try your hand with the support of Chesterfield’s keen crocheters. We’re a community that cares for new joiners, and as such, we’re here to support you from session to session.


Just Pop Down the Street!

We’re based in nearby downtown Chesterfield – which means a great crochet class is always waiting for you on your doorstep.  If you’re a crochet beginner and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to creating your first styles and pieces, you won’t have to attend a big college or drive out for miles on end.  Simply pop into Chesterfield and head along to Fred’s Haberdashery, where we’ll be waiting with all the support, tools and materials you’ll ever need.


Access Our Great Stock!


Finally, one of the biggest benefits of starting crochet as a beginner down at Fred’s is that you’ll have access to all our brilliant tools and all the finest materials we have to offer.  You can work with our wide range of colours, materials and crocheting essentials, meaning that we aim to give you the best head-start when it comes to really getting into your new hobby. You’ll be able to sample our crochet hooks before you buy, which means when you fancy taking your new-found skills home with you, you’ll be able to confidently pick which items you’d like to purchase.

Crocheting is a hobby that’s amazingly rewarding.  However, we all have to start at the beginning! Don’t be worried about getting started with crochet. Fred’s Haberdashery runs crochet classes regularly throughout the year.  Why not call us today on 01246 204504 to learn more? Alternatively, you can email us, or you can check out our social media for more details.