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Get The Kids Creative This Summer With Our Craft Supplies

Summer’s here, which means the kids are heading out of school for a few weeks. That means it’s up to you to make sure your little ones are occupied over the month and a half to come! Don’t panic. There are plenty of great ways to keep kids interested over the long summer periods – why not think about inspiring their creativity? Fred’s Haberdashery has a wealth of craft supplies in stock to help creative kids bring some truly unique ideas to life. Whether they’re already interested in getting crafty, or you’d like to introduce them to the world of arts and crafts, we have everything you need to get them up and running with colourful, fun projects this summer.

Your One-Stop Shop

craft supplies

It can sometimes be puzzling to know where to start when it comes to finding the best craft supplies for your kids to get stuck into. After all, all kids are different – not everyone wants to work with card or paper, others prefer felt and feathers! Luckily for them – and you – we have more than enough choice on display both in our online store as well as in our local shop. If you’re having difficulty finding what you need or would like to use online, you can always come and visit us on Chesterfield’s high street to take a closer look at our collection. Pop in and see us!

We’re a one-stop shop for kids’ craft supplies. Colourful felt, netting and thread are always in stock. If you’d like to supervise your kids when taking on sewing projects for the first time, we have lots of trimmings and accessory choices, as well as craft kits. Choose from a huge selection of colourful buttons and sequins to dress up projects in unique and exciting ways. As they say, imagination really is the only limit. We aim to provide as wide a selection of craft supplies as possible.

Potential Projects

Kids’ imaginations are fantastic at bringing absolutely everything to life. With our craft supplies your own kids could put together some eye-catching creations in no time at all. Plenty of children love being given the opportunity to express themselves. Here at Freds Haberdashery, we have the perfect starting points for any age. Whether it is an Ice Lolly Felt Craft kit or a mini card Cross stitch kit, every option can be made to look unique and personal as well as gain the kid’s confidence in their ability. If your child is feeling more adventurous, they could try knitting, crochet or making one of a kind pencils cases or bags for their next school year.

create-your-own-teddyWith the right materials, trimmings and toy stuffing, your kids could create their own cuddly toys with adult supervision. They may even want to create fashion items or felt scenes and characters based on drawings and photos or make something completely new from scratch – the sky’s the limit! Our store is brimming with great craft supplies at affordable prices, and what’s more, you’ll be able to take your kids along to our Chesterfield store to pick from the best of our essentials yourself.

You can even order online and pick up later – or get involved with a workshop or two when you next visit. We like to think we’re Chesterfield’s capital of haberdashery and crafting – pop in to see us and we’ll show you why!

Get Crafting

The six-week summer holidays don’t have to be a drag for parents or kids. Keep children happy and engaged with craft supplies and colourful ideas and the weeks will fly by! Take a look at our huge stock online, or do visit us to sample some of our supplies for yourself. You can always call us, too, on 01246 204504 to speak to our friendly staff – we’re always here to help, no matter the project!