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Keep your Wardrobe in Season with Freds Haberdashery

Top Close UpAs any good follower of fashion will tell you, one season’s clothing and accessories simply isn’t the same as the next – if you’re aiming to keep in vogue with fashion on the street and are aiming to keep making lasting impressions throughout the year, you’re going to need to keep a close eye on what other people are wearing, and what’s in and what’s out.  It can all be rather exhausting – and, moreover, expensive in the long run!  Not everyone has enough disposable income to continue adding to their wardrobe day in, day out – and thankfully, the ongoing trend in vintage clothing and styles, as well as affordable living, has allowed for plenty of people to make use of their existing clothes in a manner which is both fashionable and unique.


Spruce up your Clothes


Fred’s Haberdashery are here to help you make the most of your existing wardrobe – whether you are an active hobbyist in making amendments to outfits or if you’d simply like to freshen up your existing arsenal of togs, we have the accessories, tools and know-how to help you revolutionise what you’re set to wear this approaching season.  It could be as simple as letting some old jeans up – adding a few buttons or embellishing an outfit with a ribbon, or tassel, or two – the way you look is obviously entirely your choice, and with a wealth of impressive and imaginative fashion ideas available for you online (Pinterest is a very good place to start), the sky’s the limit.


Accessories are Key

HatIf you need to refresh your current wardrobe, why not add accessories to your plain garments? A popular trend at the minute is adding to beach bags and hats – whether it be fringing or pompoms – you can really transform your wardrobe ready for your summer holiday! A technique we love at Freds Haberdashery at the minute is adding trim to items of clothing, it ensures that your garments are unique, and gives the fashionable look which will give your clothing the finishing touch you are after. So if you have a dull looking, outdated wardrobe which needs to be brought back to life, you don’t need to get rid of everything and spend a fortune on new clothes – just use accessories to update what you’ve got!


Make the Most out of Old Items

You can also make use of other clothes to combine together in a process that’s more or less reverse engineering – adapting and reusing existing items and accessories for new means and seasons is most certainly an ‘in’ thing – the trend for vintage clothing is still on the rise and it’s not going away any time soon – and with our help, we can make sure that you repurpose and re-engineer your favourite outfits ready for the season’s expectations.  If you are all about turning heads but are keen to make the most of what you have – or even

to save a little bit of money – we’re all for updating and remodelling your clothing to help keep it fresh and interesting.  Clothes make a person – and we think there’s a lot of fun to be had in amending and updating old outfits for a wide range of different purposes and means.


Belt with frills

Freds Haberdashery is a local haberdashery store ready and waiting to support your upcoming fashion projects and needs.  Pop in and see us, drop us an email or call us directly on 01246 204504 to learn more about what we do and how we may be able to help you and your project needs.  There’s never any reason why you shouldn’t be able to make old clothing work anew in seasons to come – if you’ve got the imagination and the vision, we’ve got the tools and the expertise to help.