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Crafting this Christmas with Ribbons!Christmas Ribbon Tree

Christmas is a great time for all the family to get together, and get involved in some interesting and creative crafts. Whether you’re making colourful cushions or beautiful baubles, crafts is something that brings people together and inspires creation! Here at Freds Haberdashery, we love to use ribbon in all our Christmas projects, using anything from the gorgeous grosgrain to the stylish satin; and this year at Freds Haberdashery we’re getting stocked up with the widest range of Christmas goods for all your craft needs this holiday season!

We’re always coming up with craft ideas here at Freds, so we’ve decided to share our secrets and let you in on some of our favourite ribbon-based creations, guaranteed to get the holiday spirit flowing. We hope that we can inspire you with something that peaks your interest and gets you crafting this season!

Wonderful Ribbon WreathsChristmas Ribbon Wreath

This is a Christmas-related creation we’d like to share, the colourful ribbon-wreath. We’ve found that by using a selection of ribbons, with complimenting colours, you can create an incredible, bespoke ribbon-wreath! We absolutely love these wreaths here at Freds, as there’s so many possibilities of different themes, colours and patterns. For craft enthusiasts, and people who like something a little interesting, this is the perfect alternative to the traditional store-bought wreath, that’ll keep you busy for hours!

Creative Christmas Tree


The DIY ribbon Christmas tree is one of our favourite holiday-themed creations. It’s perfect for adding a festive touch throughout your home and can easily be created! Using a small foam cone, and a selection of Christmas ribbons, you can get started on an attractive project that’s incredibly kid-friendly. You’ll find many tutorials online for this creation, and we’ll be happy to help you find the materials you need here at Freds Haberdashery!

Make your own Christmas ribbon!

We all know that Christmas is the time for giving, and what better way to show that you’ve made an effort for your family and friends, than adding a DIY Christmas Ribbon to your present; and by following our quick 6-step-process, you can make ones of your own! All you need is a stapler/glue, some fancy ribbon of your choice (preferably 1-inch wide) and a pair of scissors!


line of steps

Step 1 – Gather your ribbon of choice and cut into six strips: three 9.5-inch strips, two 8.5-inch strips, and one 3.5-inch strip. This is just our recommendation, but you can try whatever you prefer.

Step 2 – Take your smallest strip and roll it into a tube with the pretty side facing outwards, then either glue or staple it closed. You can now put this aside until later.

Step 3 – Every other of ribbon then needs to be looped around back to its centre; if you have one side that’s fancy, make sure it’s facing away from you.

Step 4 – You’ll then need to make the same loop with the other end of each ribbon and overlap the ends as they meet; you should now staple this together. Make sure to do the same with the rest of your ribbons, until they’re each looped in a figure-eight and stapled shut.

line of ribbons 2

Step 5 – You should now arrange your three largest figure-eight ribbons on top of each other, with a small dot of glue between each one; when this is done, do the same with your two smaller figure-eights and glue them on-top of your three larger ribbons.

Final Step – For the last step, find the small ribbon tube you made earlier and simply glue it the centre of your ribbons! Congratulations, you now have a fancy festive ribbon you can attach to your loved ones Christmas presents!

Get involved this Christmas

If you’re feeling the Christmas spirit this holiday season, and think it’d be a great idea to get creative, Freds Haberdashery can provide all the sewing supplies and craft items you could possibly want! We stock the widest range of unique and fascinating goods, so that you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you would like to buy from Freds Haberdashery, you can visit us in-store, where you’ll receive a warm welcome and help with any crafts related queries you may have. Alternatively, you can place an order online or choose to click ‘n’ collect at checkout, so that you can receive your goods whenever is the most convenient for you.