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Christmas Baubles: Step-by-Step

Christmas Baubles


* If you are wanting to make your own, view our bundles of Christmas Baubles*

You will need:

  • X1 8cm polystyrene ball
  • X1 metre of 2 1” wide ribbons
  • 7” 7mm ribbon(for hanging)
  • X2 metres of ric rac
  • Pearl headed pins
  • Household pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tape measure

1. Cut 3 11” lengths of ribbon in your 2 chosen designs.

Christmas Ribbons

2. Using the ribbon chosen for the base, find the centre of the polystyrene ball and wrap the ribbon around. Starting and finishing on this point.

Polystyrene Ball

3. Put a pin to hold ribbon in place in the centre top and bottom, as well as at the sides half way down the ball.

Ribbon on Polystyrene Ball

4. Leaving about ¾” gap, repeat steps 2 and 3 – now using your top pin as the centre – for the remaining 2 lengths of the base ribbon.

2nd Ribbon on Polystyrene Ball3rd Ribbon on Polystyrene Ball

5. Using the 2nd ribbon design chosen, wrap the ribbon around the polystyrene ball covering the ¾” spaces left.

2nd Ribbon on Polystyrene2nd ribbon fully wrapped polystyrene ball

NOTE: Use the pins in the sides of the previous ribbons to fasten down the sides of the new ribbon as well.

Ribbon Polystyrene Note

6. Take the pins out of the top centre of the 2nd ribbon design chosen.

Pin out of Polystyrene Ball

7. From the back of the ribbon, fold the right to the left creating a triangle. Then the left to the right to create a point.

Folding Triangle with 2nd ribbonFolding 2nd Triangles with 2nd ribbon

8. Fold the ribbon back up to the centre and pin in place.

Folded Ribbon

9. Do this for all 6 edges.

Folded Ribbon Close Up

NOTE: Some lengths of ribbon can be trimmed so the points do not overlap too much.

10. Using the ric rac, follow the edges of the top ribbon design and pin in place using the pearl headed pins.

Ric Rac on BaubleRic Rac on Bauble continued

NOTE: Remove pins in the sides of the ribbon and replace with pearl headed pins. Continue all around the polystyrene ball until all edges are covered with ric rac. Then cut off any ric rac remaining.

11. Create a loop with thin ribbon or remaining ric rac, overlapping by about ½”.

Ribbon Loop

12. Pin to the centre top point of the bauble with a pearl headed pin.

Pinned Loop

Your bauble is complete!!

Completed Bauble

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