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Hello everybody! Are you all well? How are you all coping? What are you up to?

Last Tuesday, I closed up the shop that we opened only 4 weeks before! Last week was a mixture of working on website updates and other admin that had been mounting in a pile on my desk. Today I am at home and, like may others, will be here for some time.

So...what to do?

It has taken me a while to get used to the idea but I actually have time to try out some new things, finish some of my many UFOs and maybe even to attempt to write a pattern of two that I hope to share with you.

Today, I will start off with something new! I have a bit of a thing for buttons, not the buttons that I sell in the shop (although I like those too) but thread buttons. I love making buttons. I requested a book on the subject for my birthday and my lovely parents obliged with a fantastic book by Gina Barrett (Buttons: a passementerie workshop manual). This book has sat on my desk since January but yesterday I finally had the time to try some things out.

I thought buttons would be a good place to start because they are small projects and if you have some very basic threads (I like fine crochet cotton) and some fabric scraps at your disposal you can give them a go. Be warned though, it is very fiddly work.

I've included a couple of links to Gina's tutorials on YouTube:

Dorset Crosswheel

Death's Head






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