I finally dusted off my knitting needles!

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Well, I finally did it. Inspired by so many of you returning to a craft that you've not done for a while. I've spoken to people returning to crochet, knitting, cross-stitch and sewing either to keep them occupied whilst in isolation or simply because they now have time to enjoy it. Whatever your reasons I hope that you are enjoying what you are creating and that you will still find time to continue when life begins to return to some sort of normality.


In my last blog I shared some of the buttons I have been making. I enjoy making buttons, it is something I do ordinarily, time permitting.

This week, however, I have picked up something that I don't normally do - knitting. I am a slooooow knitter. I have only ever knitted baby stuff for this reason and very simple baby stuff at that. I was busy surfing Pinterest one evening and came across a couple of free patterns, the Puerperium cardigan pattern by Kelly Brooker and Topitos Baby Romper pattern and tutorial by Marta Porcel. Having downloaded the pattern and found the right size needles, I began the Puerperium Cardigan. I was feeling quite smug about my casting on because, as a top down knit, it started with relatively few stitches and I judged my tail quite well. It was all going swimmingly until I was distracted. When I returned to my work I knitted a row instead of purl and my stitch count was out. Aggggh! Then I found that whilst I was happily increasing on every row as the pattern specified, my needles were quickly running out of space and it was becoming a matter of brute force to slide the stitches down to make space to finish the row. After quite a bit of unpicking and re-knitting it was almost finished. I selected some pretty little butterfly buttons and sewed in all my ends. Just as I was smoothing it out to take a photo I noticed a run in one of the sleeves, a dropped stitch, how annoying.


It was a couple of days before I could bring myself to start the other project. For this romper I decided to use the DMC Natura that we stock in the shop. I have crocheted with it but never knitted. I'm relieved to say that this project went far more smoothly but not completely without incident - Mr Fred really needs to learn not to interrupt when I'm counting!


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